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Grant of NOC
Grant of Minority status to institutions
Grant of NOC

Setting up new technical/Vocational Institutions
Addition of Programme in the existing Institutions
Variation in the intake of existing programmes



Approval of Professional/Technical Institutions for Degree and Diploma Programmes.

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a statutory authority under AICTE Act, 1987 has been vested with the power to grant approval for starting new technical institutions and introduction of new courses in consultation with the State Governments through Directorate of Technical Education and the affiliating bodies like universities for degree level programmes and State Board of Technical Education for diploma level programmes. The proposals /applications of private trust/society are processed in the department for grant of NOC, as per the calendar issued by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).  Normally AICTE prescribes 31st December as the last date of submission of NOC by the state government, in AICTE office.

Procedure for submission of Proposals

Schedule for receipt of proposals is notified by AICTE in leading newspapers on yearly basis. As per procedure prescribed by AICTE for processing the proposals for starting new technical institutions and/or introduction of new courses and/or variation in the approved intake capacity of the existing courses, one copy of each proposal is to be submitted to the following departments on payment of the amount as prescribed by AICTE.

1) AICTE, Headquarters, New Delhi ยท 
2) Concerned Regional Office of AICTE
3) Directorate of Technical Education
4) UGC (for proposals from University/Deemed to be University Department)
5) Concerned university (for degree courses)
6) State Board of Technical Education (for diploma courses)

Now AICTE has delegated the processing of diploma level programmes to State Governments through state level committee.

Applicants societies may submit their proposals to the Department of Training and Technical Education with reference to AICTE advertisement for degree level courses and with reference to departments (DTTE) advertisement for diploma level courses. The processing fee prescribed by department is as under:

A. Fees Chargeable by the Department of Training & Technical Education
1. Processing Fee for establishing of new institution Rs.25,000/-
2. Processing Fee for additional courses, per course Rs.05,000/-
3. Processing Fee for variation in intake per course Rs.02,500/-
4. Fee for processing of allotment of institutional land Rs.05,000/-
B. Fees Chargeable by Board of Technical Education
(a) Diploma Level Courses:-  
1. Institutional affiliation fee for first year Rs.50,000/- (lumsum)
2. Continuation Fee:-  
  (i) For monitoring per course Rs.05,000/-
  (ii) Provisional affiliation fee per course Rs.05,000/-
(b) S.C.V.T. Level courses:-  
1. Processing fee for establishment of new I.T.C./ Pvt. Institution Rs.02,500/-
2. Processing fee for additional courses per course Rs.01,000/-
3. Processing for variation in intake per course Rs.01,000/-

This Department processes the proposals and sends its recommendations to AICTE as per their schedule.

For the degree/diploma level programmes in Architecture, the approval of Council of Architecture is also required before submitting the proposal to AICTE.

Admissions to Degree or Diploma in Pharmacy will be further subject to approval by Pharmacy Council of India in terms of Education Regulation Act, 1991 read with provisions of Pharmacy Act, 1948.

Diploma proposals approved by AICTE are sent to Board of Technical Education for affiliation.

AICTE has also notified guidelines for registration of foreign universities/institution imparting / intending to impart technical education in India.  The Department processes the proposals for grant of NOC. 

For further details with regard to the norms and procedural schedule of AICTE, following officer can be contacted: -

Shri O.P.Shukla, Deputy Director(SB), Department of Training and Technical Education, Muni Mayaram Marg, Pitampura, Delhi-110 088.

Affiliation of Certificate Level Institutions to National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT)

Any Government or private organization, which intends to set up new institutions or introduce additional trades, can seek affiliation from NCVT and/or SCVT. These institutions are required to follow the norms and the standards prescribed by NCVT or SCVT in respect of staff, power, building, space requirement and tools & equipments. The applications are required to be submitted on the prescribed format available with the Headquarter/Board of Technical Education. Normally following schedule for affiliation is followed every year.

1 Invitation of application for establishing new ITI/ITC's for introduction of new trades/units by State/Union Territories. November end
2. Submission of proposal by private Bodies/Trusts/Societies/NGOs to State/Union Territory Directorates. 31st December
3 Submission of proposal (with late fee Rs.100/-) 10th January
4 Completion of scrutiny of application received 15 February
5 Coomunication on approved proposals to be conveyed to ITI/ITC along with the instructions for inspections by the standing committee March end
6 Intimation to DGE&T about the institute and finalisation of schedule for inspection by the standing committee 15th April
7 Receipt of detailed information regarding standing committee inspection of the state/UT directorates April end
8 Scruitiny of information/formats by state directorates Second week of May
9 Submission of inspection fee Rs.7000/- by pvt. bodies/trusts/societies/NGOs who found fit for standing committee. 1st week of May
10 Construction of standing committee for inspection of the ITIs/ITCs found fit for inspection by the state union territory government Mid May
11 Submission of information/format to DGE&T concerned/inspecting officers for carrying out standing committee inspections May end
12 Scruitiny of information/format to DGE&T and confirmation of inspection schedule between DGE&T and state training directorates First week of June
13 Standing Committee inspection of ITIs/ITCs June end
14 Standing committee inspection report to be sent to DGE&T for consideration by the sub committee of NCVT 20th June to 20th August
15 Submission of supplementary inspections reports if required by the state/union territories to DGE&T 1st October
16 Scrutiny of affiliation phases at DGE&T November
17 Holding of sub-committee meeting of NCVT dealing with affiliation 1st December
18 Communication of the recommendations of NCVT to state/Union Territory Directorate by DGE&T 10th December
19 Communication of NCVT recommendations to the concerned ITIs /ITCs by the state/UT directorates 31st December

For further details, if any, following officer can be contacted.

Training Branch, Deptt. of Trg. & Technical Education, Pitampura, Delhi - 88
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