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Acts of Degree College
Board of Technical Education- Rules

An institution affiliated with BTE shall comply with the following requirements:
  1. A Governing Body

    1. Every institution, other than one wholly maintained by the government, shall have a regularly constituted Governing Body, consisting of not more than 11 persons out of which 5 persons shall be nominated from the Trust of the Institution, and 5 will be government representatives as nominated by the Board of Technical Education. The Principal of institution will be ex-officio Member-cum-Secretary of the Governing Body.
    2. The Chairman of the governing Body will be elected from out of the 11 members by majority vote and shall hold office for a period of 3 years.
    3. The Governing Body will be separately registered under the societies Registration Act, 1956.
    4. No part of income from the institution shall accrue to any individual in the trust/Managing Committee etc. running the institution.
  2. Endowment Fund

    1. The institution may be required to have adequate reserve fund as decided by the Board.
    2. The institution shall have to give an undertaking in writing to the effect that the amount of the reserve fund shall not be utilized for meeting the day to day expenses of the institution and withdrawals from the reserve fund shall be made only with the prior approval of the Chairman of the Board and the money withdrawn shall be utilized for such purposes as are approved by the Chairman.
  3. Accommodation/Equipment/Furniture etc.

    1. The institution should have suitable building on lease/ownership basis constructed on authorized plot of land, as per local bye-laws, with clear title for conducting the courses.
    2. It should have suitable equipment and furniture (as per AICTE norms).
    3. It should provide suitable and adequate apparatus and equipment in the laboratories as well as other facilities, wherever necessary, as may be prescribed by the Board from time to time.
    4. It should have a well equipped library which should contain suitable no. of books (as per AICTE norms) and should undertake to spend sufficient amount (as per AICTE norms) per year on the purchase of books for the library.

  4. Staff, their salary scales, retirement benefits etc.
    1. The institution should appoint teaching staff, possessing qualifications in conformity with the norms laid down by the Board, to teach the subjects for which affiliation has been sought. A representative of the Board is also to be associated while making selection of staff.
    2. The salary scales and the allowances of the teachers of the institutions should be adequate and in any case, not lower than those of the corresponding category of teachers of the Government institutions of the State or the Union territory in which the institution is located.
    3. The institution should have in operation a scheme for old age/retirement benefits for its employees. This scheme should be duly approved by the State government/&Union territory Administration, in whose jurisdiction the institution is located or by the Chairman of the Board.
    4. While appointing teachers, care should be taken to ascertain their characters and antecedents. Normally they should be whole time employees of the institution unless the work done does not justify the appointment of a whole-time teacher.

  5. Admissions Admissions to first semester/first year of various full time diploma programmes being offered at Institutes affiliated to the Board of technical Education, Delhi through the common entrance test.

  6. Maintenance of the records etc.

    1. The institution shall be required to maintain records of the students attendance/sessionals and other relevant records for deciding the eligibility for admission to Board's examinations. These records shall be open to inspection any time by the Board.
    2. The institution shall be open to inspection by the visiting committee of the Board, as well as by person(s) as Board may depute for the purpose of inspection of the institution.
    3. All the information and returns called for from the institution by the Board shall be duly furnished by the Head of the institutions.

  7. Conduct of Examinations. The institution shall place its building, furniture and other facilities at the disposal of the Board, for the conduct of the examination, free of charge, including the facility of relevant equipments, reference books including log tables, steel tables etc.

  8. Inspection Every institution may be inspected, once in one or two academic sessions, by a Visiting Committee appointed by the Board and the report of the Committee shall be submitted to the Secretary/Chairman of the Board. The Chairman of the Board, after considering the report, and the recommendations of the registrar/Secretary of the Board of Technical Education, if any, shall forward a copy of the report to the management / head of the Institution, with such remarks, if any as it may deem fit for suitable action.
  9. Institution, or the institution itself may be struck off the list of affiliated institutions, if, in the opinion of the Board, the conditions of affiliation, at any time, are no longer fulfilled, or if any unfavourable report is received from the Inspection Committee of the Board, or it for any other reasons, the board is of the opinion that the institution ought not to continue to the affiliated, as an institution of the Board, provided that in every case, in which the withdrawal of suspension of an affiliation is proposed, the adequate opportunity to explain its case is given to the institution. The decision to withdraw recognition shall be taken by the board only after such explanation has been duly considered.
  10. The institution shall have to abide by the directives/instructions/riders etc. and other conditions issued by the Board of Technical Education, Delhi, from time to time.

  11. The board shall have the power to modify, amend or add to these conditions as may be considered necessary from time to time.
Note:1 The above conditions will not apply to the Government maintained institutions.

Note:2 With a view to foster planned qualitative and quantitative growth of technical education throughout the country, All India council for technical education has been accorded statutory status by the parliament through the enactment of Act no.52 w.e.f. March, 1988. The Council has been provided with legal and financial authority in order to perform the tasks of planning, promotion and co-coordinated development of technical Education in country. In pursuance of the provisions of the Act, any new technical or Management Institution or course whether under the Government or private management Institution can be started only with the prior approval of the AICTE and should meet the minimum norms prescribed by AICTE. In this regard, the guidelines laid down by AICTE for Technical Education for fulfillment by the private Technical Institutions for AICTE's approval are as follows:
  1. The financial position of the organization is sound.
  2. The organization is genuinely interested in the development of technical education and has a history/background of developing educational facilities with or without aid from Central or State governments.
  3. The management system including Governing Council should be as per guidelines laid down by the AICTE.
  4. The chairman of the Governing Council shall be appointed as per norms; laid down by the AICTE.
  5. The infrastructure and other facilities should be provided as per norms laid down by the AICTE.
  6. The tuition and other fees should be prescribed as laid down by the AICTE.
  7. The institute should be financially and academically viable.
  8. The courses to be started should be as per assessed technical manpower needs and should be as far as possible in emerging areas or where employment potential is clearly foreseen.
  9. The accounts of the institute should be audited by a Chartered Accountant and be open for inspection by AICTE or anybody authorized by it.
  10. The staff should be recruited on all India basis by open selection as per qualification and experience etc. laid down by the AICTE.
  11. The reservation in these private institutions may be provided as per policy of the respective state government.

Migration/Transfer shall not be allowed throughout the course, amongst institutions affiliated to Board of Technical Education.
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