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Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital
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  1. Neurosurgery at LN. Hospital has  total inpatients beds 86 out of which 06 beds re triage beds and rest are academic beds.
  2. The service used a multidisciplinary approach to provide a complete range of services for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with Neurological disorders.
  3. The Hospital has a excellent staff in Nursing, haematology, Radiology, Neuro- oncology and other services.

  4. The Neurosciences unit is providing acute level care to patients with trauma and pathology of the Brain, spine, spinal cord and peripheral Neuro injury.

  5. Diagnosis commonly seen as the unit include Traumatic injury to Brain and spine in adult as well as pediatric patents. Brain tumors, spinal tumors, arterial vascular disorder, seizure disorders and Neuro muscular disorders are dealt with efficiently.
  6. NeuroSurgery ICU is 8 bedded, specializing in the care of the Neurosurgical, Neurotrauma victim and other critically ill patients.
  7. Expert medical using and nursing care art equipments and technology including, extra- ventricular drain, juglar bulb oxygen saturation and end – tidal CO2 monitoring.
  8. Resident doctor exposed to wide range of Neurosurgical clinical cases. It has one emergency O.T functioning 24 hours. The Neurosurgical procedure which one performed in Emergency O.T include
  1.  Emergency craniotomies

  2.   Decompressive craniotomy

  3.   Evacuation of haematoma.

  4.   Shunt placement

  5.   Complex reconstruction of the skull and skull base

  6.   Treatment of CSF leak.

OPD Services Days:-            Every Day (Monday to Saturday)   

Operative Services:-               The Deptt. has 02 Modular OTs, 01 Emergency OT and 01 Minor OT (Monday

                                                 to Saturday)                                                                                                                                                                                  

Clinical Faculty in the Department
S.No.Name of Faculty Designation
1.Dr. P.N.Pandey

Professor & Head

2.Dr. Manoj Kumar Midha Assistant Professor (Neurosurgery)
3.Dr. Shah Ankit Sanjay Kumar Assistant Professor (Neurosurgery)
4.Dr. Maninder Kaur Assistant Professor (Neuro-Anaesthesia)
5.Dr. Bhuvna Ahuja Assistant Professor  (Neuro-Anaesthesia)
6.Dr. Prashant Sharma Neurosurgen (Senior Resident)
7.Dr. Puja Adhaulya Neurosurgen (Senior Resident)





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