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Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital
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Admission requirements:-

1.      The minimum age of admission shall be 17 years on or before 1st October of the year of admission.

2.      The minimum educational requirements shall be passing of :-

·         Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (12 Years Course)

  •  OR

·         Senior School Certificate Examination (10+2), Pre-Degree Examination (10+2)

  • OR

·         An equivalent with 12 years schooling fro

m recognized board or university with science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and English with minimum of 50% aggr. Marks (PCBE).

3.      Candidate should be medically fit. (Subject to medical examination)



Course duration (Including Internship)                             4 years

Weeks available per year                                                     52 weeks

Vacations                                                                                    8 weeks

Gazetted holidays                                                                  3 weeks

Examinations (Including preparatory)                           4 weeks

Available Weeks                                                                    37 Weeks      

Hours per Week                                                                    40 Hours/ Weeks

Practical                                                                                 30 Hours/ Week

Theory                                                                                   10 hours/ week

Internship practice                                                            48 hours/week

Hours available per academic year                               1480 Hours (37 weeks x 40 hours)

Hostel & Mess Rules

College will open on July 20,2021. All newly admitted students will report to the college with their parents /guardians by 9.30AM in the Auditorium. Students will commute from home till they join hostel. Outstation students can join hostel from July21, 2021. Remaining students can join the hostel with their luggage on August 1, 2021. One latest passport size color photograph of parents (mother & father separately) has to be submitted at the time of joining hostel.

Hostel Rules

1.      Residing in hostel is compulsory.

2.      Ragging of any kind is not permitted in the hostel. Any such incident coming to the notice of the anti ragging committee members, will be dealt strictly as per guidelines of University of Delhi.

3.     Rooms facilities :

Following is the list of items that will be provided in the hostel room:

                                                                               i.            ceiling fan;

                                                                             ii.            cot, almirah / cupboard, study table, chairs

           List of the items to be brought by the students will be provided the day of admission.

4.     Hostel timings

Students are directed to strictly follow the hostel outing timings.




 4 P.M -8P.M


 1 P.M TO 8 P.M


 8 A.M TO 8 P.M





5.     Visitors information:  Visitors, whose details are given  by parents   can visit their wards in the hostel between 5 to 7 PM only in the visitors room.  Visitors are  not allowed to enter the hostel/rooms . Student’s authorized visitors are required to furnish necessary information in the register kept with the security guard at the entry gate.

6.     Home stay pass (HSP): Students can avail HSP after completing  hostel  formalities only on weekend .

·         They will report to hostel on Sunday before 8 p.m .

·         In case of necessity , they can avail HSP with prior permission from class coordinators , warden and principal.

·         Students should make entries (one day prior) in the HSP Register maintained with warden.

·         Students making entry in HSP register and staying in the hostel will be dealt strictly.

·         Students not going home on weekends should inform their parents as agreeable to them.

7.      Students are required to fill necessary information in the register for each entry and exit at the gate.

8.      Student must report to the warden for evening attendance at 7 : 45p.m in the mess.

9.      Housekeeping staff upkeeps the hostel premises , but student will clean their rooms themselves .However, it is also the responsibility of every student to keep the surroundings clean.

10.  Any emergency at night   will be dealt by the warden, so she has to be contacted first.

11.  Ironing of clothes and use of electric equipments is not allowed .

12.  Washing of uniform is not allowed in the hostel. Student can avail laundry services provided by washer man engaged for the purposes.

13.  Loud music is not permitted in the hostel premises.

14.  Recreation Facility:  Color T.V and set of sports items are available with sports secretary.

15.  Whenever student leaves her room she is required to switch-off all the electric points and lock the room. The room key can be left with the warden in case any repair work is required. The complaint for the repair work should be entered in the register available with the warden.

16.Sickness :Sick students will report to warden & thereafter remain in the sickroom. Meal arrangement as needed will be provided by the mess. Students can proceed on  sick leave (rest)as prescribed by LNH  doctor . Parents can pick up their ward after submitting an application.

17.  Celebration of festivals & other such occasion is arranged by students and special lunch or dinner is served to them as per their choice.  Holi , Diwali, Christmas  etc, are celebrated  in the college /hostel. Playing with Colors dry or wet, exploding firecrackers, bonfire is prohibited.

18.  Students violating hostel rules will be punished as per college rules. Student will be given chance to explain her side in writing. On first instance student will be issued warning letter and after three warnings she can be removed from the hostel and or course or both as per rules. 


·         Lunch will be provided from first day of reopening of each semester as per the mess menu.

·         Facility for drinking water is available in the Dining Hall.

·         Mess committees rules for payment of fee are binding to each student.

·         Each representative will collect the challan for the monthly mess fee and deposit will be added to the mess account.

·         Monthly fee to be paid on or before 5th day of the month.

·         Fine for late Fees is as follows:-

·                                                 Till  10th day of month-rs 5/day

                                        After 10th day of month-Rs 10/day

Note:-Money thus collected will be deposited in the mess account.

·         Mess fees is chargeable for half month if the meal is taken for less than 15 days and full fee is chargeable if meal is taken for 15 days or more.

·         Meal timing in the hostel on all days Monday  to Sunday including holidays.


                6.30 to 7.30 A.M



               12.30 to 1.30 P.M


Evening Tea

               4 : 00 to 5 : 00P.M



        7:00 to 8:00P.M


·         Students coming to the dining hall are expected to wear casual dress & footwear and wearing   night dress & night suit is not permitted.

·         Meals served will be eaten in the dining hall only. Taking food out of the dining hall is strictly not permitted.

·         Dining Hall door will remain closed for entry except for meal timings.

Anti-ragging policy

College follows zero tolerance policy against institutional ragging, If any student found involved in any sort of ragging than strict disciplinary action should be taken against erring student.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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