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Digital Marketing and Web Development (Freshly Introduced course from Session March 2018-Feb 2019)

Comprehensive 5-in-1 package

  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC, Goggle Adwords etc)
  • Web Design (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap)
  • Php Programming (Php with PDO, MySQL, WAMP Server)
  • Wordpress (Content Management)
  • Multimedia (Image Editing ex Photoshop, Video Editing, Audio Editing)
Course Objective

Digital Marketing and Web Development course at World Class Skill Centre provides a skill oriented and project-based opportunity that aims to impart know-how of digital marketing and would enable trainees to build static / dynamic web pages/ functional web sites. This course would train the trainees in skill sets like HTML(Hyper Text MarkUp Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheet), JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Video Editor, Image Editors, Audio Editors, WordPress, Digital Marketing and other related contemporary concepts.

Training outcome: By the end of this course, trainees would be able to

  • Create multipage websites with HTML(HyperText Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheet), PHP(HyperText pre-processor), database MySQL.

  • Develop media content and graphic designs using basic multimedia (images, audio, animation) editing features.
  • Use digital marketing tools for promotion of products and services.
  • Provide data/information in standard formats
  • Showcase the skills acquired through the course to the peers and potential employers with a portfolio of website and projects done.
  • Understand the importance of industry best practices.
  • Manage their work to meet requirements
  • Develop their knowledge, skills and competence

Popular Career Options

Web developers are expected to create and design dynamic, visually appealing, and intuitively navigable websites. This includes the design, layout and coding of a website. Trainees with a Digital marketing and Web development certificate from World Class Skill Centre would get opportunities to work as:

  • WordPress Developer / Trainee

  • Freelance Web Designer / Junior Web Designer

  •  Front End Developer / Trainee

  • HTML5 Programmer / Trainee

  • UX/UI Designer / Trainee

  • Associate Graphic Designer / Multimedia Associate

  • Web developer / Associate Web Developer / Junior Web Developer

  • Associate PHP developer / Junior PHP Developer / Back end programmer

  • Full Stack developer / Trainee
  • Office Support Executive

  • Digital Marketing Support Executive and other similar options

Course Structure

The course consists of 7 modules, one in-house project work and one industry internship. Being skill based course emphasis is on hands-on sessions and project work

1. Data and Information Management

On completion of the module, trainee would be able to work efficiently on Windows Operating System and general applications for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Trainee would also acquire competency in contemporary concepts like cloud computing, cyber security.

Outcomes: Prototype Brochures, Pamphlets, Advertisements, Annual Reports, Basic data Analysis, Presentations, Quiz etc.


2. Programming for Web - I (Front End Programming - HTML, CSS, JS, IDE)

On completion of the module, trainee would be able to design Web Pages, Web Sites using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This module would introduce trainees to Bootstrap - an HTML and CSS framework for developing responsive, professional web sites.

Outcomes: Prototype Responsive Web Sites, Single Page Applications, Landing Page, Web Pages, Static Web sites etc.

3. Programming for Web - II (Back End Programming - PHP, MySQL, XAMPP)

On completion of this module, trainee would be able to develop dynamic websites using PHP. Trainees would learn PDO technique for connecting to any modern database, and perform hands on practice with MySQL database to create database-driven HTML forms and reports.

Outcomes: Prototype of E-commerce Web Sites etc.

4. Programming for Web - III (Web Hosting & Content Management System)

Wordpress is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. On completion of this module, trainee would be able to create the Website, customize it and upload it to a hosting service provider.

Outcomes: Wordpress Portfolio, Wordpress web blogs etc.

5. Media Content and Graphic Design

This module would make the trainees conversant with basic features of image editing software - Photoshop or similar open source alternative, audio editing software - Audacity or similar and 2D animation software- Penil2D / AnimateCC or other similar open source software.

Outcomes: Image Collage, Song Collage, Short Animated Presentation etc.


6. Introduction of Digital Marketing

This module is designed specifically to provide trainees the exposure to the world of digital marketing. Trainees would be provided ample practical training, hands-on exercises, case studies to guide them for effectively utilizing the power of digital social platform with focus on Google AdWords to promote products and services.

Outcomes: Applying techniques to promote web site created and hosted by them in module 4.


7. In-house Project

The trainees would work on a project related to the design, development or promotion of a prototype website for a chosen domain / company / business / institution. Seminar related to major project should be delivered within 15 days of post-internship phase.

Outcomes: Mini-Project along with analysis and design documents like Software Requirement Specifications documents.

8. Industry Internship

The trainee would work on a live project to gain the understanding of working methodology of industry. The trainee would maintain a weekly log of the work done by him/her during the internship. Weekly log should also carry comments from the reporting officer / mentor of the organization. He/ She would submit a project report after the completion of the internship.

Project Report must adhere to the guidelines specified by the trainer.

Outcomes: Skills acquired through hands-on sessions in industry. A confident tech-savvy personality.


9. Personality Development

On completion of the unit candidate should be able to handle both oral and written communication required at the workplace at a functional level. They will be able to apply communicative skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in the workplace in social and cross-cultural settings. The candidates will also be exposed to the life skilling concepts of personality development including Professional image and etiquette.

Course/Programme Duration

The duration of the course/programme is one year


The minimum entry  qualification for admission in Digital Marketing and Web Development course:

1.   Passed 12th under 10+2  system of education units equivalent with English and Mathematics as subjects and with at least minimum passing marks in these subjects

2.   Knowledge of Microsoft Office.

3.   Equipped with at least basic communication and analytical skills.

Note: The candidate must have passed 10th class with English & Mathematics as a subject, with at least minimum passing marks in these subjects.



Students of IT/ITes Sector interned with/are working with companies like

  • High Performance Computing Private Limited
  • Red Dash Media
  • Iveera Tech Support Private Limited
  • Acube Digital
  • DigitalMonkeySolutions
  • NKTech
  • EduSocial Digital Solutions Private Limited
  • Bhava India Overseas
  • Zonopact Incorporation
  • Global Business Corporation
  • Recon AppMagic Private Limited
  • Shimuk Enterprises Private Limited
  • LoveKarmaPassion Communication Private Limited

Some of the web sites on which trainees of IT/ITeS Sector are working or have contributed  are*:








* Some of the websites were in development stage when students worked on them

Students are also guided to prepare their digital portfolio on Wordpress and/or linkedIn

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