Categories Of Documents Held

A statement of the categories of documents held

Sr.No Nature of Record Details of information available Unit/section where available Retention period, where available
1. PBR Salary Account Section -
2. Bill Register Pay bills, contingency bills, personal claims bills - -
3. GPF Ledger GPF A/c of Class-IV Employees - -
4. PSS Register Details of Remuneration - -
5. Cash Book Amount received and disbursed - -
6. Expenditure control Register Details of expenditure incurred under various heads duRilga yeab - -
7. T.R.-5 Receipts Details of information available of Exam, Re-totaling, Affiliation, Duplicate Diploma, Mark-Sheet, Admit Card, Admission Browser, Syllabus Fee, Service Tax & Income Tax paid other than Pay Bill deduction - Continuation in Serial Order
8. Service Book Provision of entire service records of the person Establishment -
9. Personal File All papers concerning with the person - -
10. Leave Record Medical & Earned Leave - Half yearly
11. General Correspondence File Pertains to various day do day official and general matters - -
12 Maintenance of Master Register Details of the individual from joining to retirement - -
13. Maintenance of File Register File numbers given to various file pertaining to employee - -
14. Stock Register Details of individual consumable & non-consumable items Store -
15. Purchase File Details of Tenders, Comparative Statement & placing of orders etc. - -
16. Condemnation File Details of un-serviceable/condemned items written off - Time to Time
17. Application File Details of applications invited for opening of new Industrial Training Centres Affiliation Section Yearly(November)
18. Court Case File Details of Court Cases against BTE - -
19. Examination Form Matriculation onwards record and Semester/yearly papers cleared Record Section -
20. Result Notification Register Details of examinees result - Half yearly / Annual
21. Record for Certificates/Diploma issued Details of Certificates/ Diploma numbers etc. Certification Section -
22. Migration Certificate Counter files of the Migration Certificate issued - -
23. Answer Booklet/ Answer Sheet Evaluation record of each questionwise or part thereof attempted Sub-Record Room Half yearly/ Yearly
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