Board of Technical Education-Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What are the public dealing timing?

Ans. BTE entertains public on various issues raised by them between 2.00 PM to 4.00 P( Monday to Friday except Gazetted holiday). However timimg for public dealing shall be kept between 11.A.M. to 1.P.M w.e.f. 10 th November.

Q. 2. What are the terms and conditions for getting Affiliation under SCVT running Govt./Pvt. ITIs ?

Ans. See Notification and Orders.

Q. 3. What are the terms and conditions for getting Affiliation of different Diploma course?

Ans. See Notification and Orders.

Q. 4. What is the eligibility criteria/condition for appearing in BTE examination?

Ans. In order to be eligible to appear in the Board’s Examination (in any Semester/ Year) a candidate must have:-

  • been on the rolls of an Institution of the affiliated course for one full Semester (odd or even)Academic Year in the Semester/Class for which he/she wants to take the examination.
  • Paid the prescribed semester/annual examination fee and fee for the back/carry over papers of previous odd/even semester(s) (if any) and the penalty for late submission, if any.
  • Submitted his/her application to the Controller, Board of Technical Education, Delhi within prescribed time frame through the Principal of the Institute last attended.

Produce the certificates signed by the forwarding authority:-

(a) of having attended not less than 66% of periods in any individual subject, theory & practical taken separately, during the Semester/Session last attended and a minimum of 75% of the aggregate of all lectures, tutorial classes and practicals as prescribed by the Board under the Study & Evaluation Scheme of the respective course/programme based on AICTE norms of working weeks per Semester/Annual pattern course.

Q. 5. What is the rule for relaxation from minimum requisite attendance?


Sr. No. Ground Relaxation
i Genuine prolonged illness during the session for aggregate and individual subject. Up to the extent of 15% both
ii Death of Father/Mother/Guardian Up to the extent 10% of both
iii Disability to attend classes due to Natural calamities like flood, fire, storm etc. beyond control of human being. Up to the extent 10%


Disadvantage due to non-holding Classes in one particular or more Subjects due to non-appointment of Teachers. Up to the extent of 10%

Q. 6. Is any exemption being provided to the students of lateral entry?

Ans. The students admitted in 2nd year/3rd Semester in any Polytechnic through Lateral Entry shall have to pass the Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics & Applied Chemistry subjects of 1 st year Diploma Course of the respective discipline within a total period of the course duration for lateral entry i.e. two years, plus two years from the Board of Technical Education, Delhi in case they have not passed the same at the ITI/10+2 (Vocational) Levels.

Exemption will be given to students from passing Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics of the first year Diploma Course of the respective discipline who have taken admission in diploma course through Lateral Entry & have already passed Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in their 10+2 (science) exam from CBSE or any other recognized Board, before taking admission in Diploma Course (Lateral Entry w.e.f. student admitted in the year 2010).

Q. 7. What is the pattern of Question paper for diploma level Examination?

Ans. The present pattern of the question paper Except engineering Drawing and other Drawing papers of any discipline is ;

  • Each Question paper will contain two parts viz. Part ‘A’ & Part ‘B’.
  • Part ‘A’ is given 40% weightage & Part ‘B’ is given 60% weightage.
  • In a Question paper of 100 marks, the break-up of questions may be as under:-

Part ‘A’ contain two question:-

Ø Question 1, having 14 parts of 2 marks each, among which 10 questions are made compulsory and these are of short answer, may be one word answer or maximum 2-3 lines answer. Questions containing definitions, fill in the blanks, relation among, difference between, advantages/disadvantages etc, may be included.

Ø Question No. 2 of Part ‘A’ comprises of 8 questions of 4 marks each, among which 5 questions may be made compulsory, to test the knowledge of students. Answers to these Questions are to be within 6-8 lines.

Ø Part ‘B’ of Question paper may comprise of five questions, of 20 marks each. Each question may have two parts of 10 marks, containing descriptive questions, including numerical, wherever applicable. Out of these 05 question, three questions are compulsory in this part.

Ø In the Question paper which do not carry 100 marks, the break-up of marks and work limit to answer the Question, may be done proportionately. However, the paper will contain the two parts on above pattern.

Q. 8. What is procedure for issue of Duplicate Admit Card?

Ans. For issue of Duplicate Admit Card following documents need to be submitted to the BTE:-

  • A copy of FIR.
  • Demand draft of Rs. 100/- in the favour of “DDO, Board of Technical Education.
  • An application addressed to the Controller forwarded by Institute.

Q. 9. What is the mandatory document required by the candidate for entering the examination centre

Ans. Only Admit Card issued by BTE.

Q. 10. Can a student re-appear in sessional examination?

Ans. No.

Q. 11. What weightage is being given for each year marks for calculating the total aggregate?

Ans. The final result shall be computed on following prescribed proportional weightage of all the semesters:

(a) Three Years Diploma courses (I to VI Semester)

  • I Year (I & II Semester) - 20%
  • II Year (III & IV Semester) - 40%
  • III Year (V & VI Semester) - 40%

(b) Lateral Entry courses (III to VI Semester) : (Direct II Year Admission)

  • II Year (III & IV Semester) - 40%
  • III Year (V & VI Semester) - 60%

(c) Four Year (Part-time) Diploma courses (I to VIII Semester)

  • I Year (I & II Semester) - 50%
  • II Year (III & IV Semester) - 50%
  • III Year (V & VI Semester) - 100%
  • IV Year (VII & VIII Semester) - 100%

(d) Four Year Tool & Die Making Diploma Courses (I to VIII Semester)

  • I Year (I & II Semester) - 100%
  • II Year (III & IV Semester) - 100%
  • III Year (V & VI Semester) - 100%
  • IV Year (VII & VIII Semester) - 100%

Q. 12. Under what condition a student enrolled for Diploma programme be de-barred from appearing the semester/annual examination of BTE?

Ans. As per BTE rule, those candidates who are ineligible to appear in any of the Board’s Semester/Annual examinations or detained in any semester class, on account of shortage in attendance or for any other reasons will be required to repeat that semester/class as a regular student in the following year and may appear, if eligible and if so permitted, in the next semester/annual examination.Punishment is imposed due to unfair means in BTE Exam, student is debarred from appearing any exam of BTE within a span of one year(12 months)

A candidate, who does not complete the Diploma /Post Diploma / Certificates programme within a period of the course duration plus two Years, shall stand disqualified for the award of the Diploma/Post Diploma/Trade Diploma

Q. 13. What is the Minimum passing marks and criteria for award Division & Distinction?


  • 1. 70% and above : 1st Division with Distinction
  • 2. 60% and above but less than 70% : 1st Division
  • 3. 50% and above but less than 60% : 2nd Division
  • 4. 40% and above but less than 50% : PASS ( w.e.f academic session 2007-08)

Q. 14. How many grace marks can one get in each semester/annual examination?

Ans. For marginal and other cases, if the examination committee considers it necessary, marginal assistance in the form of grace marks can be given by the examination committee to deserving candidate .Aggregate grace marks shall not exceed one percent of the total marks of the examination.

Q. 15. What are rules for improvement?

Ans. A student irrespective of his/her failing or passing a paper(s)/practical exams, will be allowed the facility to take exams of that paper/papers, again to improve his performance subject to the following conditions:-

· The mark-sheet/certificate of the exams in which the student has already appeared will be surrender by him/her to the Board before issuing the admit card. The revised certificate/mark-sheet with the revised score of marks obtained by him/her in the exams will be issued which will supersede the earlier one and the student will not be allowed to retain the earlier score of marks.

· The facility to improve the performance will be available within a period of course duration plus two years from the session of his/her admission in the polytechnic.

  • The student shall be given only one chance in each subject for improvement of his/her marks.
  • The student shall be allowed to appear for the odd semester papers in odd semester examinations and for even semester paper in even semester examination.
  • The student of any course will have to pass the requisite examination within a maximum period of course duration plus two years.

Q. 16. What is time duration for completing a Diploma Course?

Ans. A student admitted to any Diploma course will be required to complete the Diploma within a period of not exceeding two years plus the course duration. This period shall be irrespective of any reason for not taking the examination of the Board, or, detention on the basis of shortage of attendance/sessional or cancellation/disqualification from exam., for adopting the unfair means. No extension beyond the prescribed period will be permissible and the student will not be allowed to take any examination of the Board beyond this prescribed period.

Q. 17. How to get the photocopy of the evaluation sheet Answer Book?

Ans. An applicant can get a copy of evaluated answer sheet after submitting an application by the student himself/herself on Board’s prescribed Performa, between 46th to 90th day from the date of declaration of results by the Board along with prescribed fee of Rs. 500/-(Rs. Five Hundred Only) per paper through Demand Draft in favour of DDO, Board of Technical Education, Delhi.

Q. 18. Is there any facility of Re-evaluation/Re-checking of Answer-Book ?

Ans. No. However, the candidate can submit an application to ensure:- (i) that the marks awarded to answers of all the questions attempted by the candidates have been correctly totaled; (ii) that all answer as required in the question paper have been assessed by the examiner.

Q. 19. What is the procedure for Re- totaling of Answer Sheet?

Ans. As existing rule 21 of Board of Technical Education Examination Rules, a student can submit an application for retotalling of Answer book along with a fee of Rs. 200/- (Rs. Two Hundred only) through Demand Draft in favour of DDO, Board of Technical Education, Delhi per paper within 30 days from the date of declaration of result by Board & the decision of the Board shall be communicated to the candidate within 45 days of the declaration of the result. Therefore a candidate can request for copy of evaluated answer book only after 45 days of declaration of result i.e. after completion of process of rechecking of answer book.

Q. 20. How a Duplicate Marksheet/Diploma can be obtained?

Ans. A Duplicate Marksheet/Diploma can be obtained by submitting the following documents:-

  • Application addressed to controller, BTE
  • Copy of FIR
  • Affidavit on Rs. 10/- stamp paper duly attested by Notary Public.
  • Fees. Rs. 100/- in case of Marksheet and Rs. 200/- in case of Diploma in favour of “DDO, Board of Technical Education, Delhi.
  • Copy of press release/notification regarding loss/destroy of his/her Marksheet/Diploma in one of the leading Newspaper.

Q. 21.What is the Time for getting Duplicate Marksheet/Diploma/Migeration Certificate?


Sr. No. Name of Service Time for disbursement ( in working days )
1. Issue of Diploma Certificate(In case of two year old diploma certificate) 30 days
2. Issue of Marks Sheet 30 days
3. Issue of Corrected Marks Sheet 15 days
4. Issue of Duplicate Marks Sheet/ Diploma/ Certificate 15 days
5. Issue of Migration Certificate 7 days
6. *Rechecking of Answer sheets 30 days
7. **Photocopy of Answer sheets 30 days
8. Transcript 30 days

* As per Board’s rule, application for

rechecking can be submitted with in

30 days from declaration of result

** As approved by the Board, application

for seeking photo copies of answer scripts

can be submitted between the period

from 46th to 90th day after declaration of result.

Q. 22. What are the facilities available in e-SLA service.

List of Service of Held Desk under e-SLA

Sr.No. Details of Service Number of Days Alloted for Disposal
1. Issue of Corrected Marks Sheet/Consolidated Marks Sheet 15
2. Issue of Duplicate Diploma Certificate 30
3. Issue of Migration Certificate 7
4. Retotaling of Answer Sheet 30
5. Issue of Duplicate Marks Sheet 15
6. Issue of Mark Sheet 30

Q. 23. What is schedule for submission of diploma examination form in the institution for Annual/semester examination?

Ans. The examination is held as per a pre-determined schedule in conformity with the ACADEMIC CALENDER notified each year by the Directorate of Training & Technical Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.however the tentative schedule is as follow:

For Odd semester - !st week of Oct. till 15th Nov.

For Even Semester - 15th March to 30th April.

It is also advised to see the department website on regular basis for exact schedule.

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